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About Me 

Welcome to the family. Although there are many people in my life, these are the most important, and without them, I would be not be the person I am today (so, you can either thank them or not, that's up to you).

Ethel (Mae Potter), my heart and soul with a furry coat unexpectedly passed away in April 2012, with my father by her side.  After one long year of grieving, I rescued Maxwell and have once again been shown all the love and affection that a rescue dog can bring.

Ethel Mae Potter LaBella:
Maxwell Smart:

Personal: I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Anthony and Lucy LaBella.   I remained in the metropolitan New Orleans area (Metairie, Louisiana) with my dog--Ethel.  Since Hurricane Katrina, Ethel and I re-located to Huntsville, Alabama.  I currently reside in Hartselle, Alabama and retired after 28 years as a registered nurse. 

In memory of my mother, who passed away after a brief, unexpected illness on August 14, 2008, I love and miss you so so much.  Aug 1936-Aug 2008.  My father ("Tony") passed away September 3, 2012 after a lengthy illness-- I was honored to be at his side.  Please remember her and my father in your thoughts and prayers.  My mother is the one who taught me crafting--it was challenging, but fun.  We spent thousands of hours making jewelry and just being crafty !!  (Another reason I never learned to cook, I was too busy making "things" that no one ever uses !!!) 

Professional:   I have been a registered nurse (specializing in Recovery Room, psychiatry, and cardiology) at Ochsner Foundation Hospital since May 1985 and worked at that facility until "forced" retirement in January 2013 due to a foot injury.  Now, my profession is making people happy with one of a kind jewelry items.  I also volunteer for SSRR (Southern States Rottweiler Rescue).

Private Things About Me That Only My Friends Know: 

(1) If you see a picture of me and I am NOT holding a Coke Zero---it is not a picture of me, probably fake; 

(2) My dog is with me almost everywhere he is allowed.  He is a gigantic (100 pounds), fun-loving dog with a wonderful disposition, very protective of me (non-aggressive, nor a biter)  and obedient if you have a snack, so am I (he prefers meat of any kind, I prefer chocolate).  We are currently looking for another rescue rottie to foster and keep Max company in his new home with a room just for him (he does scare some people, so I added a nice place for him to be happy and an acre and half to run as much as he pleases.  The love and affection of a rescue dog is nearly impossible to match; 

(3) I can count cards faster than you can blink and have been banned from several casinos in Las Vegas; 

(4)  I play billiards, ping pong, and horseshoes better than 90% of (non-pro) men, women and children---even with bad feet; 

(5) I swim like a fish and do so every day; 

(6)  I am NOT a vegetarian, but I prefer not to have meat if possible--probably because I do not know how to cook :); 

(7) I do not cook unless forced.  If I "bring a dish" to your house, it was store-bought no matter what I say or bring.  I am usually the one who brings plates and condiments; 

(8)  I have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine three times during my nursing career; 

(9)  I miss my job and loved going to work. 

(10) I graduated from LSU with a Bachelor's in Mathematics and a Master's in Chemistry--I have forgotten more than I learned, but I know more math/card tricks than any magician;

(11)  I miss my parents so much, that I cannot even put it into words and would give everything I have to spend just one day with them;

(12) number 11 is worth repeating.....I miss you so much mom and dad--I pray to you every night, I know you are in my heart looking out for me.  Can't top 11 and 12, so that's all folks.