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Blue Zircon and Clear AB Swarovski Necklace & Earrings

  • $ 33.99

This unique necklace features vintage Swarovski Blue Zircon bicones (6mm and 8mm), Swarovski clear AB (6mm and 8mm) bicones, and awesome Swarovski clear AB 6mm pendant crystals (article 6200).  You can clearly see on the close-up picture the "stacked" effect of placing 5 of these pendant (saucer-like)  crystals together.

OPTIONAL COLORS: I can exchange the Blue Zircon bicones to any of the over 60+ Swarovski bicone colors that are available.  I can also change the pendant crystals (Article 6200) to several other colors--just drop me a note.

Length:  19 inches with a 2 1/2-inch extender
Earrings:  included FREE
Signature:  MISS BETTY

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