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I wanted to keep listing crystals, but I think it is time to put profit on the the side and give back to all the ladies I have grown to love. I hope this gives you a little insight. I spent (and lost) and lot of money by not knowing about the 4000 Series. Learned the hard way and I don't want you to do the same. Okay, here goes.

The Article numbers started way back in Swarovski stone-age (pre -early 1940s). They were usually 2 digits and grew to the 3 and 4 digits they are now. There are NO 5 digits (with the exception of subcategories, i.e., 5309/1 cosmo jet or pinched rounds or 3219/4 which are the coffee bean crystals) , just 2-4 digits. Each Article number has important meaning, especially if you buy large quantities. Here is the breakdown for you. I am not going to spend a whole lot of time on items I do NOT know enough about, but will still provide a small explanation for you.

The 1000 Series---you have never seen me sell these. If so, it was an "accident" buy. The 1000 Series are usually buttons (I never say 100% to anything because someone will find something that is an exception). Just because they are buttons, they make great earrings, but being buttons, they spin around and have no stability if that is what you are looking for unless you glue them. Summary: The 1000 Series are Round Buttons (exceptions to everything---I will not keep repeating this).

The 2000 Series are Rhinestones (something I don't sell as well, as I don't feel knowledgable enough to delve into something new. They are "Flat Backs - non Hot fix.

the 2500-2700 Series are Flatbacks Hotfix- I believe this is what people put on clothing (any comments helping me out on this is very welcome).

The 3000 Series are Sew On Stones.... Buttons, not necessarily round and sometimes these make great earrings.

The 4000 Series are "Fancy Stones"--again, rhinestones that require a setting and glue or setting of some sort. (don't ask me questions on this series--this is the one that looks like crystals and I have lost a lot of $$$ thinking they were crystals with holes). There is a gorgeous variety of "Fancy" 4000 Series Stones as I am sure many of you know.

The 5000 Series (finally, my comfort zone). The 5000 Series is ALL crystals and pearls. The second number breaks it further down. For example 58xx is 99% a pearl. a 50xx is a round shape, but not necessarily pure round. For example, the 5025 is a favorite "triangular" faceted round. Also, of course, the 53xx if a bicone and the last two numbers will usually be a bicone of some sort. For example #5305 (squished bicone), #5307 (flattened bicone), on and on.

The 6000 Series. Well, if it starts with 6xxx, it is probably a pendant. The second number can also give you an indication of size/style. Traditionally, the 66xx and higher are the larger (galactic, cosmic, "monster") pendants.

Finally, the awesome 8000 Series. Normally, the 8000 series is STRASS. Most STRASS is laser logo etched as I have shown you in the past, however they did not start logo etching until early 1950's, so you may have your grandmother's chandelier crystals that IS a STRASS but no logo etching. STRASS is the "elite" of Swarovski as they were originally made for the rich and famous architectural lighting (hotel chandeliers is the biggest use that comes to mind). The laser logo etching will cost you more for the crystal as it is proof of STRASS. The reason for the tiny pryamid is that Swarovski felt it was extremely difficult to duplicate and not worth it to the Czech/Malaysians and I'm sure Donald Trump is not on ebay looking for a dining chandelier. But, you will PAY for the logo. I have the 6000 and 8811 18mm by 9mm Clear AB pendant, one is STRASS and laser logo etched and one is not. The STRASS is twice the price. There is a tiny difference in faceting, but there are several 6xxxx and 8xxxx that are extremely similar in look, until you see that one is etched and twice the price.

Sorry this is long-winded again, but I hope it gives you a little bit of info when you are searching for something special and may want a STRASS, you know to start with an "8xxx"

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