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I will tell you what was claimed and then tell you how to avoid getting "taken in" and what to ask so you can insure yourself that you are never going to worry if the prices you are paying are getting you the real thing. With all of my answers I will not keep repeating that I can back up to you all of my responses with screenshots, references and even my own Swarovski dealer agreed to jump in after I showed him what I found. These are claims from this "seller" on Facebook.
1. "I am a Swarovski Dealer"----Out-right lie. Fact: There are only 11 Swarovski dealers in North America. Three are in Canada, 3 are in southern California and the other 5 are spread out around the USA. All 11 are men (or registered with a man's name). I am NOT a Swarovski dealer, I am on the "coat-tail" of one of the 8 men (Southern California). There is a group of 4 of us who "feed" off of Jason and he gives us as near to Swarovski prices as he can because he has a certain $$$ amount to meet annually and between the 4 of us, we meet his need and then he can profit off of the other buyers and not have to worry about keeping his status of minimal annual sales.
It is about $3,000/year to be a dealer but the rules to be one is a major turn off and I will tell you why, which will bring me into "fib" #2.
2. As a Swarovski Dealer, 2 of their rules (there are many more) are: 1) you cannot sell anything but Swarovski, either wholesale or retail. In other words, you cannot sell lampwork, findings (unless Swarovski's) or any other item in the same shop/venue/forum, etc). This seller is selling everything but the kitchen sink, so she is either lying to her customers or lying to Swarovski---Swarovski's legal team can be called rather easily and would pull the plug in minutes --- NOTHING else can be sold but Swarovski products. Rule number 2. Every single Swarovski item must contain or include in the listing the logo image of "create Your Style"---I think it is a blue and red logo image and MUST appear on every single listing. This person does not have this anywhere on her site. Again, this is not a bash (altough I am PO'ed that over 1000 people blindy trust---you know how I feel about questions----ASK, I am not afraid to give a reference or help you feel more comfortable in any way). It is MY job to sell to you, NOT "convince" you, but you be confident in your purchase and not a "gee I hope this is real") ASK ASK ASK.
3. These are things I have addressed in the past, but definitely worth repeating. "How to tell if what you are getting is real?" (as best you can, especially in person at a craft fair or even on Facebook). I know my customers buy from people besides me----I don't get jealous, if you are happy, I am happy for you. Here is what you should think about when you see a listing:
a. Is this the seller's product--speaking of image. Even I use a internet picture if I can't possibly take a good pic, but I try to tell you because some pics are just impossble to get a good shot with just a light box. However, if the seller is showing all pictures from store, I would ask for a picture of their product (even a bad one). This happens to me a lot, so I am not going to be too harsh on this one, except that the seller should do their best to personalize their image---business card or something personal to show that they took the pic. As I told you before, if a seller has more than 24 lots or however many in a package but refusew to show you the box if you ask, I say RUN. There is no reason that a seller would throw away the package while the crytals are still up for sale. Not willing to display a box upon request has got to make a light bulb go off for you.
b. Not giving information in the listing. I have seen listings where the article number is not given because they don't know it. Yes, they are pretty, but for Swarovski price, my seller better know what article number they are selling. "Round" can mean a whole lot of different numbers. If the Article number is not displayed and you have to ask, RUN, as article number is what you are looking for, whether it be #5000 (pure round) or #5300 (pointed round). If that seller doesn't know if that crystal is which one, I would definitely hesitate to buy from them. YOU, as the buyer, do not need to know the difference, but i sure do, plus, IT'S ON THE BOX. Not knowing or displaying the article number is a deal-breaker and i would scratch that buyer from my list.
c. COLOR----"Blue" OMG Swarovski does NOT make "blue"--if the seller calls the crystal Blue, RUN, they should know whether it is indigo, blue zircon, indcolite or Sapphire, but NOT "BLUE"----RUN.

As usual, my blog is getting too long and i will stop for now. Please ask questions, offer feedback, but don't walk away from a purchase "wondering"---I have said many times, if you read my listing and have a question, I am NOT doing my job, please ask, as that helps me learn what I should be posting and take for granted.

thank you for your time and I hope you learned something from this, I sure did and it saddened me greatly to see people in awe of someone with "sale" prices that are 2-3 times higher than retail, let alone de-stash.

I love you all like a Momma bear and her cubs and will always answer questions. Many of you have sent me images of Swarovski from another seller. It doesn't bother me a bit. I am flattered that you feel comfortable enough to do that----what a compliment that is to me.

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