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More Swarovski Tidbits, October 2015

Posted by Elizabeth McGee on

Swarovski does NOT count crystals !!! I assure you, there is no machine counting 1440 several thousand times a day. Swarovski 4mm bicones is all I can verify are NOT counted, but packaged by weight. When I found t...his out many years ago, I immediately opened about 6 packages and counted all 1440 of them, even though I was making jewelry and not selling crystals. There was one package off by one crystal in my favor and one crystal not in my favor. The other 4 were perfect. I know the weight of 1440 nonAB, AB and most special coatings in 4mm by heart, however, when dealing with numbers such 60, 72, etc., it is too small to weigh. I just open a brand new, never opened package and do the thing I like the least about my crystals--counting 4mm of anything. This is pertinent because if I like anything less, it is coming up shy 2 crystals and wondering "did I mis-count"? or is it the package---probably me. Sooooo, in order to keep my sanity, I am counting about 25 1,440 crystals brand new packages for this week's sales. I am letting you know and apologizing or applauding those who may receive one extra crystal or one crystal shy. I'm sorry, I just can't count the entire package again looking for one---if I happen to have the color in my private stash and it was never used I add it. But, if you get an extra crystal, good for you. But if you are shy one crystal, know that I just couldn't count all over again and over time, it will work in your favor----I will make sure of that. Thank you in advance for understanding. It rarely occurs, but it will happen both in your favor one or two and shy one or two---One thing for sure, no ziploc will leave in a package KNOWINGLY short. Thank you ALL in advance for understanding. Love to you All, Betty

PS Forgot to mention.... If any of you want the original packaging, please request in your BIN, I usually have 2-3 with each listing unless it is a limited quantity listing. I just throw them away and anyone is welcome to them.

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