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Swarovski Tidbits/Secrets, August 2015

Posted by Elizabeth McGee on

SWAROVSKI TIDBITS......We have read why crystals may come on a stick, we know that only Swarovski bevels their cubes, we learned that Swarovski doesn't count crystals, but sold by weight, and I think my last blog was about STRASS, and logo-etching for authenticity, and we know why Swarovski keeps changing their packaging and how we can date some crystals.

So, here is a quickie tidbit that I see quite often and want to clear up. "CORONA" is NOT a color, Corona is a package manufacturer and it was in the 1950s and 1960s. I have seen some listings stating "Corona color"---Corona is just a package, but it helps us date the crystal somewhat.

Last tidbit. Easy to spot an AB fake. Only Swarovski is flawlessly symmetrical with their AB coating. Exactly half the crystal. Other manufacturers---Czech, Malaysia, etc. coat very sloppy and un-even. Look at the crystal closely and make sure the facets are the same size/shape and that it is coated on only half the crystal.

Final tidbit for Lucy Wheeler. You have seen the color Satin and the color Satin B. The extra "B" means that the Satin coating is on 3 sides of the crystal and not just two. So, regular Satin would be on 1/2 the crystal, but the Satin B is in 3 sides. Extremely hard to tell the difference except the "B" may be just a tiny shade darker since the Satin is a hematite (jet black) sheen to the crystal.

Hope this give you a little info to be better informed and not get cheated. You know you can send me any pic---you do not have to buy anything from me to ask a question.

Addendum: I have only seen Satin B on cubes---which would make sense since bicones and rounds don't have 3 sides. If someone sees a Satin B round or Bicone, please let me know. I would love to see it.

Betty (questions ALWAYS welcome)

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